Sapta SAP Experiences:

Industry Leading Consulting Firm:

Lead SAP HCM (PA/OM/Time) support services for North America and South America.
Created Governing principles.
Created Tier1/2/3 support system for issues (Critical – turn-around time 3 hours, Severe – Turn-around time 8 hours, Regular – turn-around time 3 days).

Medical Products:
Responsible for the Design and Architecture of Personal Administration PCR for GHRIT (Global) across 40 countries. Created Functional and Build Specs. Responsible for building the system and UAT. Configured Infogroups and actions.

Medical Devices & Supplies Company:
Assisted in transition of Payroll system from in-house system to ADP.
Lead Mapping activity (SAP fields - ADP Global view system)
Designed Error tracking system.’

Implemented PA, OM and Benefits. Each Department was setup as a personal sub-area which added complexity and caused huge confusion in the system.

Implemented PR (Puerto Rico) PA, OM, Time, Benefits, Payroll runs thru ADP with an interface through SAP. Project work included ECM where Annual, Mid-year reviews were created in Appraisal Templates. Managed day to day issues in PA and ECM while working closely with the HR department.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR):
Management made decision to bring payroll in-house from ADP to be more responsive to meet the needs of 30,000 Associates. Restaurant Implementation is complex as it requires handling Tips processing with different combinations. Payroll occurs in thirty (30) states with thirty (30) different pay structures. Processing includes all Bi-weekly payroll for both Salaried and Hourly employees.

Delivered End-to-end project including PA, OM, Benefits, Time and Payroll.

Recreational Vehicle Company:
Implemented Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Benefits, Time Management (TM), Payroll and process flows for company with 1,100 Associates in six States. Improved internal processes by integrating HR and Payroll solution. Integrated Benefit deductions with Payroll. Created reporting capabilities from one system.

Objectives for this project:
  • Create the ability to track essential activities of the Associate life-cycle from employment through termination
  • Deploy an integrated Human Resources and Payroll solution
  • Ensure timely, flexible and comprehensive legal reporting
Process Improvements:
  • Benefit deductions integrated with payroll, reporting capabilities from one system.
  • Provided more flexibility for data entry and keep history available with SAP.
  • SAP integration will eliminate double entry.
  • The payroll process will be integrated with the Human Resources database resulting in one point of entry for information that is critical to payroll as well as human resources.
  • The payroll database will be integrated with the benefits database resulting in timely updates to member benefit deductions when changes are made to the benefits module.
  • The integration between payroll and FICO will result in accurate reporting.
  • The wage type accruals will remove the need for a month end close of payroll.
  • Retroactive calculation functionality within the payroll module will result in the ability to recalculate payroll results and post the appropriate adjustments to payroll results as well as to FICO.
  • The process is integrated within the payroll module to facilitate the collection of payroll tax collection.
  • The tax reporting forms and magnetic media is created from actual payroll results tables.