Sapta ProcessHR

Sapta ProcessHR is a Cloud or on Premise software platform that is comprised of the following modules: E-recruitment Applicant Tracking, Time Management & Expense Management, Financial Management for Suppliers, Jobseeker & Vendor Management Service.

Sapta ProcessHR is a complete End-to-End Talent Management Recruiting system that has been designed to organize the disparate activities required to hire talented Associates.

Key Differentiators

Submission time reduced by 80+%,Maintaining status of the candidate submitted,Assigning requirements to appropriate recruiter,Evaluation of Recruiter activities and performance etc..

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E-recruitment Applicant Tracking

E-Recruitment is an online end-to-end recruitment system
that captures: advertising, application& selection.This system saves the employer time as usually they can rate the eCandidate and several persons in HR independently review eCandidates.

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Time & Expense Managment

This module features creation of timesheets and based on this information for processes payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking and management & calculating commission for Sales Managers.

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Financial Management

In this module we can process the payroll & calculate
commission for the sales managers

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Document Management

In this module we can create onboarding documents like MSA,PO,Right to Represent & Offer letter etc..

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Assess Your Organization

Sapta ProcessHR is a complete End-to-End Talent Applicant Tracking and Management System. Sapta ProcessHR is designed as a modular system so companies can focus their attention on the components that will have the greatest impact in their company.

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