ProcessHR E-recruitment Applicant Tracking

E-recruitment Applicant Tracking delivers distinct process improvements to Administrators and Recruiters involved with all phases of Applicant tracking activities.

E-recruitment Applicant Tracking Benefits Delivered

  •    Mobile App Framework
  •   Submission time reduced by 80+%
  •   Maintain status of the submitted Applicant
  •   Store Recruiter and Technical Evaluations
  •   Maintain all email communication with Applicant and Vendors
  •   Interview reminder to both Applicant and appropriate Manager
  •   Single system for all Resourcing activities including Bonus Pay
  •   Recruiter tied directly to submissions for compensation tracking
  •   Assign requirements to appropriate recruiter or Sourcing Partner
  •   Evaluation of Recruiter / Sourcing partner activities and performance
  •   Integrated Calendar to schedule follow up Voice, Skype, F2F interviews
  •   Integrated Applicant profile quick search with Industry leading Job Boards
  •   Create Recruiter eMail submission Templates to improve communications
  •   Provide highly detailed accurate information on profiles submitted to clients
  •   Provides best % match of suitability of a resume for an uploaded requirement
  •   Only submit resumes that are a direct match to the requirements as set by the Manager
  •   Central resume and document database repository improves security and reduces costs
  • System suggests internal Applicant profiles based on rules based best-matched requirement
  • Skill Viewer – Allows the Account Manger to evaluate the Applicant profile submitted by recruiter
  • Jobseeker Chat – Integrated Chat allows the Applicant to login and directly interact with recruiters
  • ‘Drop and Drag’ Reports – Submission Reports, Applicant profile status reports, KRA reports, interactive reports for senior management to evaluate the performance of the team.
  • Resume Database – Allows saving all the resumes downloaded from different Job Board Sites thus enabling the company to build your internal database with notes on profiles.