At Sapta we use and recommend the use of Office 365.It provides enhanced information sharing, collaboration, knowledge management and decision support. Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere—PC, Mac, and tablets—and they're always up to date.

Office 365 features

Collaborative Work Office 365 makes it easy to more securely share files with co-workers, customers, and partners. Work together on documents that are always current and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Online conferencing brings everyone together With online conferencing, distance really isn't an issue. If you need to get everyone together then host an online meeting complete with real-time note taking and screen sharing.

Security, compliance, and privacy you can trust With the Office 365 service takes responsibility to keep your data safe and secure. It’s your data. You own it. You control it. And it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service.

Create Office documents from any browser With Office Online, use touch-friendly applications to create, edit, and share your Office files from any browser. You can even share and work on docs at the same time as others and avoid versioning hassles later


SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration, content management, and extensible platform from Microsoft.Our on premise SharePoint provides basic workflow capabilities to support simple processes such as document approval, companies turn to enterprise business process management suites when they need to automate and optimize business-critical processes.

Features of SharePoint