Mobile Solutions

At its core, Mobility uses the capabilities of mobile networks to connect computers, Tablet PCs, telephones, cars, and household appliances (The Internet of things). Sapta Global’s Mobility offerings include mobile strategy planning to the development of server and device-software. The exponential growth of business Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) mobile devices is creating Mobility as the natural entry point to the Internet for everything from entertainment to financial services to marketing.

Extending To Mobility

Sapta helps world-class companies create mobile solutions that increase productivity, drive sales, control costs, and improve profits. How can you connect with customers in urban centers, rural areas, and different countries? How does the wireless infrastructure change from one region to another? Sapta provides clear answers to these kinds of questions, and helps clients engineer specific types of platform agnostic mobile-based solutions.


Portals provide convenient access to aggregated, localized information of critical interest to mobile communities. Sapta specializes in creating mobile portals that are directed to the unique needs of diverse constituencies in different markets and on different continents. Sapta helps company Associates be online anywhere, any time to access critical information to improve timely decision making. Many companies are increasing their levels of customer service by offering 24x7 access to address customer service issues.

Emerging Mobile Solutions

As mobile devices become more prevalent and affordable, the demand for new applications, such as electronic wallets and other mobile trends that enable customers to perform actions via their cell phones and Tablet PCs, is escalating. Sapta helps companies capitalize on these evolving opportunities from strategy through to implementation.

Enterprise Enablement

Our Enterprise Mobile Enablement solution provides mobile access to key web applications and services for all enterprise stakeholders, including customers, employees, distributors, and partners. Our Mobile Solutions team helps clients leverage mobile devices to streamline and simplify their business processes. We work with clients to build solutions that maximize revenues and profits, improve efficiency, and streamline workflow for field-based personnel, thus improving efficiency and profitability.

By extending the functionality of your enterprise systems to the field, information will be available in the right place at the right time leading to more efficient operations. Using handheld devices to enter and access information, will increase quality, reduce tedious paperwork and help you achieve higher utilization of your workforce.