SAP HR Renewal

HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency.This program shows SAP’s commitment in investing heavily in core HR on-premise, so that customers can leverage their existing systems, even when SAP is enabling the HCM transition to the SuccessFactors cloud. HR Renewal has many functional and UX improvements.The latest release on HR Renewal is HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 1.Following are the features of HR Renewal.

  • HR Professional Role
  • Processes and Forms
  • ESS enhancements: Learning Solution and Leave Request
  • Shared Service Framework

Strategic Direction for On-Premise Development

Having been on the ground at multiple large Fortune 500 companies over the past 14 years there is no doubt that the HR Renewal 1.0 is going to be well received in the marketplace. The best part is all this new functionality will be delivered at no additional charge as it is included in the base user license. SAP started this work effort prior to buying SuccessFactors but it shows they are still innovating and providing new functionality around core HCM which is great to see and some would say long overdue.