Sapta ProcessHR Discovery Questions

Sapta ProcessHR is a complete End-to-End Talent Acquisition Management and Recruiting System. Sapta ProcessHR is also designed as a modular system so companies can focus their attention on the components that will have the greatest impact in their company.

We have created a set of discovery questions you may find useful to learn about the complete costs of your Talent Management recruiting systems and Associates involved with the process. We would like to learn about your current systems, processes and associated cost. Having this information is important to our discussion and can be quite revealing as many organizations have not fully calculated the value they are receiving from this important area of their organization.

Please fill in the following form to assess your company's existing recruiting solution.

You can display the answers to your Discovery questions and print them out.

How many recruiters do you have in your company?
How many Associates will you hire in the coming year? Full time / Contract ?
How many outside recruiting companies do you work with today?
Does the company have one Talent Management / Recruiting system that tracks and helps manage all processes?
Do different Departments use their own hiring systems or processes, i.e., Corporate, IT, Engineering, Clinical, etc. with some guidance from HR?
What is the approximate annual payroll cost for the Talent Acquisition Management / Recruiting activity?
If your company is providing Managed Services for companies what is the cost to provide this service?
How many Job Boards does the company use? What is the annual cost?
Have you ever experienced a situation where Recruiters exceed the number of resumes that can be downloaded and you have to renew a License mid-Year?
If your Recruiters are using free Job Boards how many do they use?
What is the total # of resumes your Recruiters have downloaded this year from these Job Boards?
Are all company resumes stored in a central database such as Oracle, SharePoint or a Cloud based Product?
Are company resumes stored on individual recruiters PCs?
Does the current system have an online integrated Business Analytics Dashboard to review Recruiter and Managers daily performance?
Does the current system suggest internal candidates first?
Is the current system available on Mobile platforms?

Technical Skills Assessment

Can the Recruiter dynamically evaluate all the Candidate's skill to find the best match to a job?
Is Technical skills assessment integrated with your overall process?
Is the Technical assessment database of questions dynamic that can be constantly added by on
If so, does the system automatically provide the percentage (%) suitability to a particular job?
If you use a manual resume process review how many Consultants provide this review, i.e., some companies pay Technical Associates an hourly rate to review.
If you use Technical Associates to do manual reviews have you experienced issues where the individual may not be available until '5PM today' to do the review but the Recruiter has to submit the profile by 4PM?
What is the estimated cost of the manual review process?
Years of Experience - Has your team ever received resumes or even submitted resumes where the years of experience don't match to the needed requirement?


Are all email communications with candidates and external Recuiters tracked, i.e., to capture salary or rate confirmations?
Does the current system include eMail templates to provide submission uniformity and to reduce errors?
Is Calendar / Appointment scheduling integrated with the system?
Do Recruiters have integrated online Chat capabilities with Candidates?
Do Recruiters have integrated online Chat capabilities with other Recruiters?
Are reminder emails for upcoming Interviews integrated?
Collaboration - can Recruiters share requirements with other team members to meet a deadline?

Sales & CRM

Does the system have an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability to know when to stay in contact with companies or candidates?
Can your Recruiters or Manager's add specific notes to a candidates profile, i..e, will consider relocating, will travel for F2F interview, etc. that might not be a clear requirement -- that you know will help the candidate be selected?
Do you pay Recruiters bonus or commissions? Is this pay automatically calculated?
Does your system allow evaluating Recruiter's performance?

Back Office

Is Time & Expense management tracking a part of your process today?
If you use an external Expense system what is the annual cost?
Does your current system automatically generate a Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Purchase Order (PO)?
Is your Recruiting system integrated with any external Accounting or Payroll systems?
Is your IT team responsible to maintain these interfaces?
With the Candidate's permission can your Hot List of Jobs be automatically distributed to Partners?

Current Talent Management / Recruiting System

How many systems does the the company use today to manage all of the above processes?
What is the total annual IT Software and Services cost to maintain all of the above systems and processes?
What is the total annual Associate cost to manage all of the above processes?
If you are using an internally developed system what is the cost to maintain the system?
With the right Talent Management system in place would you like to share access to this your network so you could further reduce submission errors that improve your business operations?
What is the total # of Spreadsheets used

Corporate Systems Details

What is the company's ERP system?
What is the company's Content Management system?

You can display the answers to your Discovery questions and print them out.


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